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ScummEditor is a tool that can be used to export and import back graphics on Scumm v5 and v6 games. It can also be used to see the parsed data structure on these games (not all file block are parsed, anyway).

It is developed by Matheus Moreira and was originally developed for internal use at ScummBR translation group, to allow our artists to translate the game images that contains english texts.

This tool supports the extraction and injection of the following images:

†* Background Images (all codecs are supported, both for exporting and importing back)

†* Background Z-Planes

†* Objects Images - including multiple images per object.

†* Objects Z-Planes - including multiples z-planes per image.

†* Costumes - All frames.

As far as I know this is the only existing tool that allows you change the costumes on scumm games.


I would like to say thank you to Jestar Jokin for his great help and for being so nice with me, providing his source codes and pointing me to links where I could learn a lot about the scumm data and image formats.

Without his help, this program never existed.


I also would like to say thanks to SCUMMVM, SCUMM REVISITED and SCUMMC sites for providing a lot of useful technical information on their sites. I made this tool based on what I learned there.

This program utilizes BE.HexEditor to display binary data. More information and download of the control on


Whatís New

* Exported images now generates .idx file for background and objects. When importing back, if exists a .idx file the import process will use it to priotize the search in the palette table. This makes obsolete the fix made on version and should solve a problem on encoding the object #15 on ROOM #53.

* Dirty fix to solve a problem reencoding a object 7 on room 25. That bug made the palette of the reencoded object to swap together with bernard, when in shadows.

* Added a option on the image encoder to select what codec to use. This is because not all DOTT rooms supports decode all game codecs. I don't why this happens, but at least one room on DOTT has this problem. Dunno about others games.

* Fixed a bug on customes image encoder that generate wrong images when it has any repetition count greater than 255

* Palettes color are now showed togheter with its index.

* Added palette selection when exporting and importing images, and more than one palette is avaliable. (Not avaliable on batch operations)

* Costume viewer now shows costume palette color and real palette index instead of only real palette index.

* Added support for export and import 8 bits indexed palette images

* Added this history in about

* Added option to cancel image batch export

* Some cosmetic changes

* Inicial Release, ScummBR internal use only.



ScummEditor is developed on C# 4.0. It requires Microsoft Framework 4.0. You can download .NET 4 here:

How to use it


I do not have any user manual, so here is a short guide about so how use it:

Open the game from the menu File -> Open File

The treeview on the left panel should be filled with two items: Index File and Data File.

Expand the Data File node, then the LECF node. The next level (LFLF) is the rooms level. Click on it and you should see the list of all room images on the right panel, including background, objects and costumes.

Click on each image, and you will see the buttons to export and import the image back to the game.

After you import the images back, don't forget to click on the "Save Changes" menu, or the changes will not be saved back to the file.

Some tips:
1) Dot not click on the !! button on the image view window. It is for debug testing only and may freeze if you click on it. Iím too lazy to remove it before post on internet.

2) There is an experimental batch export and import of all game images. You can use the batch export, but Do NOT use the batch import, or you will may corrupt the game images. Always import the image from the image view window. This occurs because some images palettes simple donít work as I expect. Fortunately none of these image have text to translate.

3) I implemented a encoder and decoder for all image compressions formats used on DOTT and Sam & Max, including all 4 SMAP formats and the BUMP format. When importing images back, the Auto-Detect feature should work most time, but due to a bug on scumm engine, it may fail and you may have to force a specific codec. I know this problem exists on one screen on DOTT, the first screen on past, where hoagie starts. For some reason, this room does not supports images encoded on Method 1 compression, and you must force Method 2.

I build this tool with the objective to make it a "scumm files explorer and editor". Right now you can only edit game images, but you can see the most of the game data parsed and, in the future, I plan to make it edit more of the game files, like the positions of the images, the scripts, font, etc. If you have more information on the documentation of scumm files, including previous scumm image versions, please, let me know.

Let me know if you have any other difficulties. This tool may have many bugs yet and some obscure costumes images do not work if imported back. Fortunately, none of these images contains texts to be translated.

Please, let me know what you think of the tool.

Best regards,

Matheus Moreira